Hugo Theme Walden

Dec 27, 2022 By Homecat

After reading Walden, a collection of essays by American writer Henry David Thoreau, I was deeply influenced by his love of nature and simple living. So, I wrote this concise and clear theme for my personal website and named it Walden.


Walden is a simple-structured, easy-to-use Hugo theme for personal websites.

  • Responsive design
  • Headline on homepage
  • Thumbnail for post
  • Personalized shortcodes


Two ways to see the demo:

  • Visit author’s site.

  • View demo by clone repository from Github.

    1git clone hugo-theme-walden
    2cd exampleSite
    3hugo server --themesDir ../..

Quick start

The Hugo documentation describes in detail how to install on different operating systems, which will not be repeated here, the operating system related to this article is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Create the website root directory mysite and perform git initialization, then install the theme as a module to the mysite/themes, and copy all the files in the exampleSite in theme directory to the root directory of the website.

1mkdir mysite
2cd mysite
3git init
4git branch -m main
5mkdir themes
6git submodule add themes/hugo-theme-walden
7cp -rf themes/hugo-theme-walden/exampleSite/* ./

In subsequent use, if you need to update the theme, use the following command.

1git submodule update --remote --merge


The configuration file for the site is config.toml

  • Configure baseURL: URL of user’s website on the internet.

    1baseURL = "Your domain"
  • Configure theme

    1theme = "hugo-theme-walden"


Excuting the command, visit http://localhost:1313/ to preview website locally.

1hugo server

Create Site

Executing the command, the system will store all the files generated for the static website in the mysite/public directory, which can be accessed after uploading to the Internet.



Walden is licensed under the MIT,Check the LICENSE file for details.